Music and Words In A Certain Order - the two constants in my life. Being given a tape recorder for my 12th birthday transformed my life because I could record and work on my songs at any time. I always start with the words and think of the tune and music later. 

Playing in a band in my student days with great musicians such as Craig Sanderson (drums) and Paul Allan (guitar) was game changing. How they made my songs sound many times better than when I wrote them I’ll never know.

People are vital to everyone’s existence so of course my wife Amanda, mother May and daughter Emily are precious. Thanks to the late Eric Wrixon (keyboard player with Them) for friendship and support and George Hasson (trumpet) for teaching me breath control. Neil Kearney (guitar) for helping things happen and especially to my great friend Rikki Jordan guitarist extraordinaire with whom I have a telepathic writing relationship. Greg Statham is the brains behind the graphics. Of course my producers for such an excellent recording and production experience at Abbey Road.

Often a little lubrication helps to oil the brain cells into creative activity so thanks to Cultra Inn (Holywood), Rose and Crown (Edinburgh) and Hard Rock Cafe (Dallas).    

Hope you enjoy Emotional Debris which encompasses lots of my life experiences and I hope you can identify with. The journey has begun.     

About Us

Despite sharing many of the same interests and pastimes, we all are inspired by different things that lead us to work seamlessly in a creative setting. We take turns writing lyrics so we are all invested in each song and its meaning. 

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